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What is ReLEx SMILE?

SMILE, or small incision lenticule extraction, is the latest development in Laser Vision Correction. Although relatively new in the UK, it was a natural evolution of femtosecond lasers in refractive surgery and has a 10 years track record. The procedure is carried out exclusively with one femtosecond laser (Visumax by Carl Zeiss). SMILE reduces or eliminates the need for glasses or contact lenses by correcting short-sightedness (myopia) and astigmatism.

SMILE combines the advantages of LASIK and Advanced Surface Ablation, with rapid visual recovery and better preservation of the natural stability of the cornea.

With SMILE no flap is created and the epithelium (superficial self-healing layer of the cornea) is not removed. This means the healing time and the ability to see clearly are a lot quicker than with Advanced Surface Ablation, but slightly slower than with LASIK. The absence of a flap allows the treatment of high myopia, thinner corneas and eyes with mild to moderate dryness. Corneal nerves are relatively spared in SMILE and the risk of dry eye following surgery is reduced compared to LASIK and Advanced Surface Ablation. Finally, there is no risk of trauma related flap complications, so physical activities and swimming can be resumed sooner than after either LASIK or Advanced Surface Ablation.

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How SMILE Works


The Visumax by Carl Zeiss is the latest technology used exclusively for this procedure.

The Procedure

Similar to LASIK and Advanced Surface Ablation, the procedure is painless, with only a small pressure feeling; SMILE typically lasts 5-10 minutes for each eye.

Anaesthetic drops will be used to numb the eyes and you will have a ‘lid speculum’ applied, which keeps your eyes open and stops you from blinking. This can create a pressure feeling but is not painful. You will then look at a small light above you as the laser is positioned. The first part of the procedure involves the Visumax laser creating a ‘lenticule’ by carving out the corneal tissue. The ‘lenticule’, a disc shaped tissue approximately 6mm in width, is then removed by your surgeon from within the cornea in the second part of the procedure; this is achieved through a small 2-4 mm keyhole incision that is made by the laser. This results in a change in the shape of the cornea, correcting the underlying refractive error. This is all done using one laser.


SMILE combines the advantages of LASIK and Advanced Surface Ablation. By day 1, 80% of the visual correction is noticeable, with the full improvement achieved gradually over the next few weeks.

Immediately after the procedure you will be taken to your room to rest where the surgeon will check your eyes. Before discharge from the laser clinic, drops are given to help keep your eyes moist as well as prevent infection and inflammation. You will continue to administer these at home for the next few weeks. You should arrange for someone to drive you home where you should rest for the remainder of the day.

A minor gritty sensation and sensitivity to light may be experienced for the first 24 hours. Although care will be needed for a longer period, return to swimming, heavy exercise and contact sports can be achieved sooner than LASIK. 


You will return to the clinic within the first 24-48 hours following the procedure to check on your progress. Your Laser Vision Eye Centre surgeons, David or Aris, will conduct this check up. You will also have check ups at 1-2 weeks and 3 months.

Excellent 5-Star Patient Reviews

We're rated excellent on Trustpilot & average 5-stars on Google, Doctify and TopDoctor for the outstanding service we provide before, during & after treatment.

Marcus Green
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No More Glasses!!!
Aris and the team at the Laser Vision Eye Centre have been amazing! I had my eyes done last weekend and the whole process was really well organised. They answered all my questions and made sure I knew exactly what would happen. My vision is perfect now and I don't need to wear glasses any more. Awesome!! 😀 I would definitely recommend Aris and the Laser Vision Eye Centre.
Jemma Cheung
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Fantastic... PRESBYOND laser procedure
Dr Aris gave me complete confidence in the procedure I was having. At all times I felt I was in very able hands. I choose to have PRESBYOND laser treatment as I lost my reading vision and I had to wear glasses all the time - and I absolutely hated it! With this treatment I am now 3 months after the procedure and can see with great ease and I am enjoying life with out glasses. We achieved better results than ever anticipated.
Victoria Lewis
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The ‘Gold Standard’ of laser eye surgery
Mr David Anderson is one of the leading Consultant Ophthalmologists which is why I chose him to perform my surgery. During the consultation I was very much assured that I was in good hands, but also having the ‘Gold Standard’ of laser eye surgery. It was explained that my best option was LASEK due to an eye infection rendering me contact lens intolerant. This also left me with a slightly reduced tear film... read more.
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Excellent Care
I received excellent care throughout my experience at Laser Vision Eye Centre under the clinical leadership of Mr David Anderson. Everything was explained before and as the procedure was carried out. The waiting time for the procedure was considerably shorter than on the NHS and I even received a telephone call from the hospital the next day to check that all was well.
Cheryl Parish
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Life changing experience
I have been very impressed by the level of pre op information given enabling me to make a knowledgeable decision on how to proceed. Mr ANDERSON explained exactly what was going on throughout, which really helped me feel reassured and safe. Post op the aftercare has been amazing, staff even called on a Sunday to check how I was feeling. I would not hesitate to recommend this clinic to everyone.
John Waterman
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LASIK Presbyond Bilateral Laser Surgery
I recently underwent LASIK Presbyond surgery at the Wessex Nuffield Hospital. The surgery was performed by David Anderson and Aris Konstantopoulos and their incredible colleagues. I am so pleased I chose David and his team to carry out the procedure as the attention to detail both before, during and after surgery has been exceptional. Look no further 👀 this is the A Team! I can now write this review without the need for glasses.
Graham Charlesworth
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I have been thoroughly impressed
I have been thoroughly impressed with the level of care and professionalism that Aris and his team have shown at all stages in the process. The initial assessment, the procedure itself and then follow-up consultations. Although this was something that I approached with much trepidation I am really happy with the way that it ended up and the path that I followed.

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